How does the office look from the inside? Photos from within.

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Check out our office from home, the bus, the metro, or the cafe where you get your usual double shot mocha to start your day! This is the magic of the internet indeed, and we tried to make the most of it, so we posted our photos anywhere we could, to help you find them! 

A quick recap of where to find our photos (TLDR):

You can see them on unsplash, pinterest, facebook, and our very own website (of course). Just click any of words, they’ll link you to the place of your choice to take a look! 

And now all this in a few more words:


Are you a regular on Unsplash? (yes you can also use our photos in your templates dear friend)

Well here you go! Have a look at our profile where you’ll find all the high resolution photos we were allowed to post! 

Just click here or here or here or here!


You like the funky ideas on Pinterest? Smart ideas are great, and you sure can discover some cool new sites (yes, we hope to be part of many users on pinterest)! So you can also check out our pictures on there! 

Just press this word or anywhere on this sentence!


Who doesn’t have a Facebook page? You sure do right? (except if you are on a digital detox – I hear you) Well you’ll find us and our photos there too of course! Want to have a look at them there? No worries! 

We’ll link our facebook photos here! 

This very website

You don’t want to leave the comfort of this page? We’ve got you! Who wouldn’t post their pictures on their own website? Well we certainly posted them here! You can check them all out here (probably where you’ll see most of them as of now)! 

Just go to our PHOTOS tab on the top menu, or click HERE

We hope you like how our coworking office looks on photo! If you want to see how the office looks in three dimensions, message us, let’s figure out an appointment for you to come in, and we will be happy to show you around! 

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The Other WorkSpace is a coworking office in Budapest. But why did we start this project? The brave reader can find the long version of our story on Facebook.

But the short version is that we want the days of our members to be filled with happiness!

Even if you’re not a member, we hope you’ll be able to take something away from our articles, or at least that they’ll bring a moment of happiness into your day!

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We just want to let you know that we use cookies and plugins to provide visitors of our website with the best possible experience.

We just want to let you know that we use cookies and plugins to provide visitors of our website with the best possible experience. ​